29 de Julio del 2013
Rios to Rivers: Young Chilean kayakers to run the Grand Canyon this August, 2013

Ten Chilean kayakers from the remote Patagonian town of Cochrane, Chile will paddle the Grand Canyon to learn about how the Colorado River has been impacted by dams, and what is at stake for their home river.

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10 de Noviembre del 2011
Chile seeks to send HidroAysén power lines through Argentina

Argentine planning minister says he’s open to energy sharing in the future.

Julio de Vido, the Argentine minster of planning, met Monday afternoon with Chilean Energy Minster Rodrigo Álvarez to discuss allowing electrical transmission lines to pass through Argentine territory. No concrete plans were made, but de Vido made it clear that Argentina is very open to the possibility

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24 de Octubre del 2011
China's State Grid Ponders Chile's HidroAysen Transmission Line

Fuente: http://www.foxbusiness.com/industries/2011/10/21/chinas-state-grid-ponders-chiles-hidroaysen-transmission-line/

SANTIAGO -(Dow Jones)- State Grid Corp. of China, the country's near-monopoly power distributor, is interested in developing the nearly 2,000-kilometer transmission line for Chile's massive HidroAysen hydrogeneration power project, daily newspaper El Mercurio reported Friday.

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27 de Julio del 2011
Setting the Record Straight: Correcting Misconceptions about HidroAysén

A recent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal about the controversial hydroelectric proposal in Chilean Patagonia called HidroAysén underscored several of the most common misconceptions about the project.  The opinion piece gets its facts wrong on a few key areas:  (1) HidroAysén is not the only way Chile can satisfy the growing demand for energy and be energy independent; (2) the “efficient design” of dams is not a sufficient justification for the huge and irreversible impacts they would have on Chilean Patagonia; (3) HidroAysén is a costly project that would not help raise Chileans out of poverty, but instead would expropriate some of Chile’s national treasures for profit; and (4) opposition to HidroAysén is the majority view in Chile, uniting conservatives, liberals, Santiago residents and Patagonians alike.

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18 de Mayo del 2011
Massive Chilean dams approved

Nature News


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