13 de Mayo del 2011
Five Dams Approved in Chile's Patagonian Wilderness

SANTIAGO, Chile, May 11, 2011 (ENS) - A complex multi-dam hydroelectric scheme that conservationists fear will destroy the character of one of Chile's most important wild regions was approved Monday by the Aysén Environmental Review Commission.

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13 de Diciembre del 2010
Voices against HidroAysén Raise Questions of Illegal Conduct during the Project's Most Recent Environmental Review

New voices in Chile’s state agencies and government have recently been calling for the rejection of HidroAysén’s massive hydroelectric proposal in Patagonia – some even questioning the legality of the most recent phase in the project’s environmental review process.  This new disapproval of the scheme clearly shows that the company’s recent national media campaign is not working yet.  During the months leading up to the next phase of the project’s environmental impact review in April 2011, it will be crucial for these voices – and more – to continue to cry out against this destructive, unnecessary project.

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22 de Noviembre del 2010
New Poll Numbers Show that the Majority of Chileans are against HidroAysén

A new national poll shows that over half of Chileans are against the proposed hydroelectric plants in Patagonia.  This lack of public support for the dams comes at a critical time when HidroAysén is trying to ram through the environmental review for its proposed mega-dams with an insufficient environmental impact assessment.  Clearly, HidroAysén’s massive public relations campaign where they have repeatedly asserted that “Chileans want HidroAysén” is failing. 

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4 de Noviembre del 2010
The next phase in HidroAysen's environmental review has begun, but don't expect a sufficient EIA

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28 de Septiembre del 2010
Chilean Patagonia and the way of life under threat by dams

guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 28 September 2010 11.00 BST

The Aysén region of Chilean Patagonia is threatened by a plan to build five dams on the Baker and the Pascua rivers – two of the wildest in the world. The Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition (Rave), an initiative of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP), was set up to address the challenges of modern conservation, and it visited the area in February this year to assess what impact the dams would have on the surrounding area and its way of life.

The expedition team included the Pulitzer prize winner and National Geographic photographer Jack Dykinga, twice World Press winner and Prince's Rainforest Project award winner Daniel Beltra, award-winning filmmaker and photographer Jeff Foott and award-winning photographer Bridget Besaw

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