2 de Agosto del 2010
Saying no to large hydropower and yes to solar and wind in Chile

The Gulf oil disaster has provided us with a moment for reflection on the costs of what has been our energy policy globally – to allow large companies to go after the sources of energy they know best: fossil fuels, large hydropower, and nuclear.  This is a path that takes us backwards and generally benefits a few large companies, rather than encouraging long-term energy security and economic growth based on clean energy technology. At NRDC, we work on showing the path towards the clean energy of the 21st century, using the power of the sun, wind and the earth to move us forwards. We have said no to tar sands oil from Canada and yes to fuel efficiency standards. We have said no to mountain-top removal in Appalachia and yes to putting solar and wind resources into the electricity grid. And we have said no to large hydropower in Patagonia in Chile, and yes to the country becoming a leader in environmentally sustainable renewable energy sources and efficiency.

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23 de Julio del 2010
Breakthrough Solar Plant Stores Energy for Days

Molten salt at plant in Sicily absorbs solar heat directly, stores it at a higher temperature, and allows use of traditional turbines

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2 de Julio del 2010
Chile's new president faces tough choice on dams

The center-right government of new Chilean President Sebastián Piñera is nearing its first major environmental decision: whether to approve HidroAysén, a controversial US$ 7 billion project to build five hydroelectric dams on two rivers in Chilean Patagonia.

 Eco Américas

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1 de Julio del 2010
Big Hydro Falls Behind


The big hydro industry always used to consider the "new renewables" as Mickey Mouse technologies that could never match the billions of kilowatt hours humming through the lines linked up to the world's megadams.

But times have changed. Big Hydro is learning that lots of small projects can add up to a lot more juice than a small number of very big ones.

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23 de Junio del 2010
HidroAysen's latest delay highlights a clear bias in the environmental review process

Today HidroAysén, the company proposing a massive hydroelectric scheme in the heart of Chile’s Patagonia, delayed its environmental review process yet again by asking authorities for a four month extension beyond the June 30th deadline, when it was supposed to deliver its next environmental impact document.  This move clearly underscores the imbalance of the entire environmental review process, in which project proponents can delay the timetable without limit but the state agencies must work under strict deadlines.  It also reinforces the HidroAysén’s established pattern of delaying its review, before—so far—submitting insufficient and erroneous documents.

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