9 de Junio del 2010
Environmental Struggles In Patagonia Highlight Weekend Rally

HidroAyén controversy one of many issues addressed, says organizer

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9 de Junio del 2010
Aysén Bishop Denounces HidroAysén Project In Italy

Critics now challenge the project at shareholder meetings as well

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27 de Mayo del 2010
Outside Magazine features our Patagonia BioGem in its June issue

Our campaign to protect Patagonia has caught the attention of international media again, this time in the June issue of Outside Magazine (available in stores this week).  In his feature article, author Patrick Symmes takes an on-the-ground, close-up look at the major environmental controversy swirling around HidroAysén’s proposed mega-dam scheme in this pristine region of Chile.  His conversations with the people living there and his experiences while traversing the countryside paint a vibrant picture of what Patagonia stands to lose if these dams are built.  Yet he misses a few key issues, which I’d like to briefly highlight here.

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27 de Mayo del 2010
The Beautiful & The Dammed

Chilean Patagonia is an adventurer´s paradis, a land of raging whitewater, dazzling glaciers, and pink-fleshed lunker trout. So how´s it going to look white five new damms and a 1,500-Mile power line? As the earth shakes under Chile´s energy plans, Patrick Symmes travels through one of the country´s most spectacular regions, looking for an alternative


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12 de Abril del 2009
Activist discusses anti-dam drive in Chilean Patagonia

Daniel González is a leader of the Patagonia Without Dams campaign, an international effort to halt HidroAysén, a project that calls for the construc- tion of five hydroelectric dams in southern Chile’s Aysén Region. A biologist by training, González in the late 1980s was international coordinator of a campaign to stop construction of dams on the Bío Bío River in central Chile.

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